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6 astounding natural wonders of Jupiter

11 Jun 2017, 19:27 UTC
6 astounding natural wonders of Jupiter
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Jupiter, a planet almost as wide as a small star, is hard to miss even in the vastness of space - if you know just a lttle astronomy it shines like a beacon in our skies. Even its system of moons and rings is structured more like a miniature solar system than a... well... system of moon's and rings. It's a vast planet, and it influences a vast region of space Above: How Jupiter compares to the smallest stars. Some people are prejudiced about this sort of thing, but I like 'em big.So Jupiter has been a major target for probes and space telescopes - the JUNO space probe is there right now, returning some astounding images and unprecedented results. So let's say we could have ridden with Juno to the Jupiter system, then gone our own way to have a poke around the giant planet's territory. What are the Jovian equivilents of Niagra falls and Everest?1: The Great Red SpotAccording to Donald Trump, a man of frighteningly questionable judgement, global warming is 'just weather'. But even he would struggle to shrug off Jupiter's Great Red Spot: This storm is big enough to swallow several planet Earths, and draws it's ...

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