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Earthside - FarmBot

19 Aug 2016, 18:11 UTC
Earthside - FarmBot
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Another entry in the field of farm (or rather garden) automation: FarmBot. This is a project to build and sell devices that automate gardening, from seeding through watering and weeding. They put special effort into open source and free access principles, so this is one to watch. I'm also pleased to see that all plastic parts are printableOf particular interest is their table of yields. They seem to have taken some very conservative numbers for yield, which is appropriate for projecting the performance of a single-layer soil-based plot under natural light and weather conditions. For example, they estimate about 20 g/m² per day for potatoes while I use 65 g/m² per day; my source is a NASA life support paper where those yields were achieved under controlled atmosphere and lighting conditions. That suggests the usual rule of thumb (hydroponics doubles yields) still holds and that further gains (another 50-100%) can be achieved with precise climate control and artificial light.If I had the time or money I'd contribute to the project, most probably under the crop data source OpenFarm. It looks like they could use some help to get off the ground.For my purposes I'd prefer to see the system adapted ...

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