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SpaceX ITS projections

28 Sep 2016, 21:44 UTC
SpaceX ITS projections
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Now that Elon Musk has released engineering targets for the proposed interplanetary transport system (formerly BFR), there is some meat to work with when looking at possible applications. I'm going to extrapolate, extend and abuse those numbers as thoroughly as I can after the jump.Booster First off, let's look at the booster. 275 tons of dry mass, return to launch pad recovery using 7% of the fuel load (which is 469 tons) and total propellant capacity of 6700 tons. The return fuel provides about 3.5km/s of dV, allowing for the boost-back, deceleration and landing burns. All of the dV numbers to follow assume sea-level Isp for the first stage engines, so this is a conservative value. In reality the craft spends most of its time out of the bulk of the atmosphere and Isp increases rapidly into the 370's during the ascent. Elon mentioned that it can probably SSTO; that's true but you have to cut the landing propellant by quite a bit to make it happen. I think if the booster can survive orbital reentry then a lot of the boost-back burn is eliminated because you can simply wait in orbit until your path lines up with the launch ...

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