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Project Destiny: Interplanetary Communications Network

26 Apr 2017, 14:19 UTC
Project Destiny: Interplanetary Communications Network
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This is a topic post referring to Purdue University's project Destiny.Here is my introductory post for the series.The subject is section 4, Interplanetary Communications Network. Headline results: I believe that the cost of this system can be reduced by nearly 50% without altering the underlying performance assumptions.Details after the break.System This study's communications design is a major factor in overall cost. Every effort should be made to reduce this cost; the headline price is $228 billion, which works out to $4,560 per colonist per year for connectivity. The basic design using radio links for surface to orbit and optical links for orbit to orbit is sound. The performance numbers seem well-researched, as do the fault rates. The need for a relay is well-established. The amount of data considered is also reasonable: a single HD video stream for each 100 colonists plus two minutes of SD video (or its equivalent in other data) per person per day. My disagreement is that the use of small disposable satellites is an oldspace norm which unnecessarily drives cost. What's the alternative? A large multiuser platform with human maintenance missions. ITS has more than enough dV to deliver a maintenance crew and 300 Mg of ...

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