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Dr. Ludovic Ferrière’s Hunt for Impact Craters

22 May 2017, 14:31 UTC
Dr. Ludovic Ferrière’s Hunt for Impact Craters
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In our continuing reports on Asteroid Day organisers and events, today we are highlighting the work of Dr. Ludovic Ferrière. Ludovic currently works as curator of the rock collection and co-curator of the meteorite collection at the Natural History Museum Vienna in Austria. He became interested in various kinds of rocks at a young age and has since assembled a large collection of more than a 1,000 samples. Later on, at university, his passion for meteorite impact craters was born. A passion that drives his work (and travel destinations!) until today: The avid “impact craters hunter” managed to confirm 3 of the currently 189 recognised impact structures on Earth in the last few years.
Asteroid Day 2017
In the past years, Ludovic took part in different activities with the public at the Museum in Vienna, but this year he will be in Australia attending a meeting on meteorite craters in June, and, thus, won’t able to participate in the activities in Vienna. Nevertheless, he was involved in the planning and programme of this special day in the Museum. On the 30th June itself, he will be on his way to the Wolfe Creek crater in Western Australia.
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