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Experiencing Totality

18 May 2017, 01:21 UTC
Experiencing Totality
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The great American total eclipse of the Sun is now just three months away. Those of us who have witnessed totality (that brief period when the the Sun’s brilliant disk is completely hidden revealing its glorious corona) realize how monumentally difficult it is to convey that experience to others. Words often fail when trying to explain the kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, feelings and emotions that consume us during this other-worldly event.

A series of nine images were combined into a time sequence of the total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11, from Lake Hazar, Turkey. The corona has been computer enhanced to show subtle details and prominences. Copyright 1999 by Fred Espenak.

The best description I’ve ever read of the “Totality experience” was written over a century ago by Mabel Loomis Todd (“Total Eclipses of the Sun”, 1894). Todd was an American writer and editor who traveled to a number of total eclipses with her husband astronomer David Peck Todd during the late 19th Century.

Her description is not only expressive and passionate, but it accurately captures the variety and sequence of events in a most compelling way.

“As the dark body of the Moon gradually steals its silent way ...

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