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Could anyone gain Superman style powers ?

5 May 2017, 18:47 UTC
Could anyone gain Superman style powers ?
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Superman, most comic book fans can tell you, gets his powers from Earth's yellow Sun like some sort of red and blue houseplant. But that wasn't always the case.In early versions of the comic his power - which were just super strength and speed at that point - was all down to gravity: His home planet of Krypton was a world with higher gravity than Earth, so his muscles had evolved to be much more powerful in compensation. Superman was just the nth generation result of a world where you had to be a power lifter to not be crushed by your own hair.As writers added powers to Supes the 'high gravity' explanation started looking a bit weak: X-ray vision, laser eyes, and bullet proof skin... from being used to higher gravity? Er... So the modern explanation of the red/blue super houseplant was invented. But what if we go back to that original explanation? Could it really work - not for Superman , but for humans some day? To the delight of my inner super villain... hell, yes: A human living on a lower gravity planet than Earth would be capable of astounding feats of strength: Lifting hugely heavy things, ...

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