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Answers for Authors: How could we make Venus habitable?

24 Apr 2017, 22:35 UTC
Answers for Authors: How could we make Venus habitable?
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Above: Fraser Cain of Universe Today talks us through it. Human colonisation of Venus doesn't sound too smart on paper. Terraforming Venus – a world that is much closer to Earth in size, surface gravity, and location than almost any other – is a much harder proposition than terraforming a sun blasted airless desert like Mercury or our Moon. Why? Mainly because of what is already there – Venus’ atmosphere. The surface is drowned under a CO2 atmosphere so thick and hot it's almost more like a boiling ocean, and turns the planet into a badly maintained suburb of hell. The pressure is over 90 atmospheres, and the temperature tops 450 degrees Celsius everywhere except the mountaintops – on which heavy metals, rather than H2O, snow out as a glittering coating. Above: The barren rocks of Venus today, beneath the hazy sky and pressure cooker atmosphere.To add to the worrisome brochure reading for a colonist, it rains sulphuric acid. If people are ever to live there we need to renovate, but to do that we’d need to remove that sweltering atmosphere. Here are a few of the ideas most often tossed about: 1: Drop thousands of huge asteroids onto Venus. ...

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