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CryoVEx: Ice, Ice (and snow) Baby

18 Apr 2017, 13:55 UTC
CryoVEx: Ice, Ice (and snow) Baby
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Today, 14 April, is a down day, the airfield is closed for Good Friday. While we would rather be out sampling the ice, the down day gives us a chance to consider the data we have collected so far in more detail.
Yesterday, the complete CryoVEx sea-ice team loaded into the Ken Borek Twin Otter and took off for Site 4. The weather didn’t seem to be very good but the pilot, Troy, identified a few sites that we could try to reach.
Flat light and cloud cover made finding a suitable landing site difficult as there was reduced contrast and it made the surface look darker than it is; this in turn makes the ice appear thinner.
Many of the potential landing sites we examined with the plane were not suitable because they appeared too thin, were too small, or were large and appeared thick but also too rough to land.
There was also lots of low cloud at Site 4 further reducing our ability to find a suitable location to land. We abandoned trying to reach Site 4 and moved on to Site 5, but again faced the issue of flat light and few suitable landing locations.
After ...

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