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What's NASA's mystery news about?

12 Apr 2017, 18:16 UTC
What's NASA's mystery news about?
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Above: A diagram of Europa's ice protected ocean. What's NASA's big announcement about? True, I could just wait until Thursday when they'll, y'know, announce it. But where's the fun in that?Well... looking over the list of who'll be there, and the press call... NASA to Reveal New Discoveries in News Conference on Oceans Beyond Earth NASA will discuss new results about ocean worlds in our solar system from the agency’s Cassini spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope during a news briefing 2 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 13. The event, to be held at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington, will include remote participation from experts across the country. The briefing will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency's website. These new discoveries will help inform future ocean world exploration -- including NASA’s upcoming Europa Clipper mission planned for launch in the 2020s -- and the broader search for life beyond Earth. The news briefing participants will be: Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator, Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington Jim Green, director, Planetary Science Division at NASA HeadquartersMary Voytek, astrobiology senior scientist at NASA HeadquartersLinda Spilker, Cassini project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory ...

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