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CryoVEX and KAREN: waving to friends

6 Apr 2017, 09:37 UTC
CryoVEX and KAREN: waving to friends
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The first phase of the KAREN field campaign, which is testing a new way of measuring Earth’s ice, concluded recently with a flight over Greenland and a great view of the ground team on the ice taking measurements to validate CryoSat.
Cryovex team down on the ice. (MetaSensing)
ESA’s CryoSat mission measures the height of the ice, both of that floating in the polar oceans and of the vast ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica. This provides essential information on how the thickness is changing and, in turn, how the volume of ice is changing.
Since the satellite’s measurements are critical to understanding how Earth’s ice is responding to climate change, it is extremely important to ensure these measurements are correct.
The current Cryovex field campaign is one of the largest Arctic expeditions ever undertaken by ESA. Scientists from around 10 agencies and institutes from all over the world have converged to take measurements with a suite of sensors on aircraft and readings taken by hand actually on the ice to compare with those of CryoSat. By doing all this, scientists can ensure that ice-thickness maps created from satellite data are correct.
This huge campaign also focuses on testing a ...

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