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Sketching the Grass Moon pt.2

4 Apr 2017, 09:57 UTC
Sketching the Grass Moon pt.2
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From the "Atlas of the Moon" by Vincent De Callatay. For the past week it has been raining cats and dogs here in Pembrokeshire. There has been little chance of catching any Moonlight.Though last Sunday evening the sky was clear, and I caught a quick peep at dear old Selene.I didn't feel like sketching that night, so I simply enjoyed the view. So with one night in seven observable I wonder how the next week will fair.Here are a few more objects to look for in the week ahead: Moon 8 day - 05/4/17Plato, Archimedes and Tycho.Moon 9 day - 06/4/17Clavius, Frau Mauro and Copernicus.Moon 10 day - 07/4/17Lansberg, Sinus Iridum and Hainzel.Moon 11 day - 08/4/17Aristarchus, Gassendi and Kepler.Moon 12 day - 09/4/17Wargentin, Rumker and Marius.Moon 13 day - 10/4/17Eddington, Grimaldi and Pythagoras.Hopefully we will have better luck this week.Clear Lunar Skies

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