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The Universe in 101 words: Cosmic Inflation

4 Apr 2017, 00:39 UTC
The Universe in 101 words: Cosmic Inflation
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Above: The web of matter formed by the Univers's expansion.After the big bang the Universe expanded hugely. But… not the way you think: The objects making up the universe didn’t fly apart through space. Space itself expanded, stretching like warm dough. That opens a loophole in the laws of physics: Objects rapidly get further apart – yet, as it’s space that is moving, everything also stands still. They can even ‘move’ faster than light, without breaking the lightspeed limit – and, for a tiny moment, the Universe expanded like that. Physicists call it ‘inflation’. Getting a headache? Imagine life for the families who have a theoretical physicist at the dinner table...You've read our science facts - have you tried our science fiction? You can pick up our book on Kindle, or as a paperback, by following this link.

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