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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Sketching the Grass Moon.

29 Mar 2017, 13:01 UTC
Sketching the Grass Moon.
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An older sketch of Plato from January 9th 2014With any luck, over the next fortnight I will be making several sketches of the waxing April Moon.Or to give it some of its other names: Hare Moon, Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Pink Moon, Seed Moon, Frog Moon, Awakening Moon.60mm,f15 refractorI like the idea of the April "Grass" Moon, our garden lawn is just coming back to life after the winter break. I've made a list of a few lunar objects for each night up to and including the Full Moon.This month I'm going to concentrate on observing with the 60mm/f15 refractor.So with small refractor, pencil and sketch pad I will be on the look out for the following:Old sketch from 2006 - 50mm refractorMoon 2 day - 30/4/17Langrenus, Furnerius and Messala.Moon 3 day - 31/4/17Mare Crisium, Cleomedes and Geminus.Moon 4 day - 01/4/17Atlas, Hercules and Taruntius.Moon 5 day - 02/4/17Gartner, Fractastorius and Charcornac.Moon 6 day - 03/4/17Meton, Lamont and Maurolycus.Moon 7 day - 04/4/17Abenezra, Montes Caucasus and Licetus. This small list will keep me busy for the first week and no doubt a few other lunar lovelies will be added as I go along.I've kept each evenings target list to a ...

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