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The TeCake

Defining Pluto as a planet again!

21 Mar 2017, 02:19 UTC
Defining Pluto as a planet again!
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The year 2006 was a particularly eventful year in the astronomical and planetary science community as Pluto was relegated to the “non-planet” status thus bringing the total count of the number of planets in our solar system to 8.
The subject of what can be defined as a planet and the subsequent decision to demote Pluto as a non-planet by the IAU (International Astronomical Union) was a topic of debate and much deliberation in the scientific community.
Now, in a recent bid to revisit this decision and reaffirming the belief that Pluto, a group of astronomers from the John Hopkins University made a presentation at a scientific conference in Texas that aimed at restoring the lost status. This attempt at reinstating the planetary status would not only include Pluto but also include a 100+ celestial entities in the solar system satisfy the criteria to be called as a planet.
As per the definition laid down by the IAU previously, Pluto lost its planetary status owing to the fact that it was an extremely small sized object in the Kuiper belt that lies beyond the planet, Neptune. Due to the presence of several other similar bodies in the Kuiper belt as ...

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