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Heading north with a bag of potatoes

20 Mar 2017, 16:07 UTC
Heading north with a bag of potatoes
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The CryoVex and Karen campaign is now well and truly underway. Today, our objective is to reach within one long flight day a small Danish military station called Station Nord: no small feat for a two-propeller Twin Otter plane leaving Iceland in the morning. Station North is located at the extreme north-eastern point of Greenland and houses six hardy souls who spend up to two years at a time in what must be one of the most isolated placed on Earth.
Sea ice and sea-ice leads on the way over from Iceland to Greenland. (ESA)
Luckily weather – the arbitrator in all things in campaign work – is playing along with us today. As I write this blog, we are travelling northward along Greenland’s rugged coast and have already crossed the sea from Iceland landing at the small airport of Constable Point on Greenland’s east coast. As if on cue, we have Sun and blue skies above as wild rock and snow covered peaks roll past us below with their unending combinations of shadows and light. Next stop is Denmarkshavn, another small outpost of civilisation further up the coast and home to six hardy meteorologists.
Refuelling the Twin Otter at ...

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