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Does the Higgs talk to itself?

11 Oct 2016, 03:11 UTC
Does the Higgs talk to itself?
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Article: Indirect probes of the trilinear Higgs Coupling
Authors: Martin Gorbahn, Ulrich Haisch
Reference: 1607.03773
Hello particle munchers,
I’m back to further discuss our good friend the Higgs boson.
After its discovery in 2012, there are many properties of the Higgs boson which have since been established. In addition to its spin-0 nature and measuring its mass with high precision (125 GeV), the existence of its couplings to a number of Standard Model particles has also been established.
What has yet to be established is whether the Higgs can “talk to itself”. More precisely, does the Higgs have self interactions involving multiple Higgs bosons (see diagrams in Figure 1) and how strong are these self interactions? Measuring these interactions gives us direct information on the Higgs scalar potential, which is responsible for not only the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism leading to the generation of mass for the Standard Model particles, but also has implications for the stability of our universe (see Footnote 1) .
The Higgs potential can be written in a very simple form (just a polynomial in the Higgs field H) as shown in Figure 1. The term represents the Higgs mass while the and terms represent the ...

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