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SDSS Summer Interns Apply SDSS Science to Small Telescopes

23 Feb 2017, 14:00 UTC
SDSS Summer Interns Apply SDSS Science to Small Telescopes
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By Kate Meredith. Kate is the Director of Education Outreach at the University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory. Kate began working with SDSS data while still a high school science teacher and continued that work in her role with SDSS as lead educator for formal education. She is the primary developer of the SDSS Voyages website. In her first year as Education Director at Yerkes, Kate launched a summer intern program. In this post, Kate describes one of the projects interns lead during the summer of 2016.
Rebecca Chen and Lindsay Berkhout are sophomore physics majors at the University of Chicago. Both chose the astronomy specialization, and both spent the summer of 2016 as interns at Yerkes Observatory . They were two of the 12 undergraduates that helped launch the first ever Yerkes Education Outreach internship program. Their goal was to take precise photometric measurements of targets (how bright objects are) with instruments including the 24-inch telescope at Yerkes, as well as Stone Edge Observatory’s 20-inch telescope, located in Sonoma, California.
Rebecca Chen positioning new SDSS filters for use with the 24 inch reflecting telescope at Yerkes Observatory.
“We both came in, and we didn’t know anything,” Berkhout laughs. But ...

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