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Constellations Part 2: Drawing Board

21 Feb 2017, 16:04 UTC
Constellations Part 2: Drawing Board
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The design of our new Constellations game followed a tortuous path.
Ian Zang Design
Continued from here: Constellations Part 1: The Creation

After my first iteration didn’t quite do it, I had to hit the drawing board. Dante had the idea to make little constellation cutouts that could fit on a board, a la Blokus. The constellations would fill in the board, and make a pretty sky.

That ended up not being feasible, as the cost of production would be quite high, and we are looking for a sub-$20 price point.

We then thought about the old peg boards and rubber bands. The ones that were used in elementary schools to learn about shapes. (At least I did!) We could have the lines that make up the constellations be the rubber bands, and you’d be able to see the shapes clearly!

Then I did the math. To have enough rubber bands to connect every dot in around 18 constellations, we’d need over 200 rubber…
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