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Full Moon, Eclipse and a Comet – Reality Check time…

9 Feb 2017, 20:59 UTC
Full Moon, Eclipse and a Comet – Reality Check time…
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Alright – enough. I mean, *enough*. As others have pointed out there is an absolutely ridiculous amount of utter rubbish being written and shared about the coming weekend’s astronomical events; one reporter – and I use the word very loosely – after another is tapping away furiously on their keyboard, like a monkey on crack, “writing” absolute b****ks about the “Snow Moon”, the penumbral lunar eclipse and the “close fly by” of Comet 45P. Most are just reporting them with a level of scientific ignorance that would get them a top job in Trump’s cabinet of cackling crazies, and illustrating their fairy tales with totally misleading photos and diagrams, but the worst are actually linking them all together to make some kind of perfect storm of celestial omens heralding armageddon.

Sadly, nonsense is written and shared about every astronomical event now – every minor meteor shower is hyped up to be a “spectacle”, every conjunction of planets “a dazzling gathering”, every Full Moon a “Supermoon”, etc etc – but this week there’s been a veritable feeding frenzy . And it’s not just the usual suspects, this time; if you look at the image above you’ll see some big names – ...

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