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Sean Carroll

What Happened at the Big Bang?

25 Jan 2017, 23:30 UTC
What Happened at the Big Bang?
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I had the pleasure earlier this month of giving a plenary lecture at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Unfortunately, as far as I know they don’t record the lectures on video. So here, at least, are the slides I showed during my talk. I’ve been a little hesitant to put them up, since some subtleties are lost if you only have the slides and not the words that went with them, but perhaps it’s better than nothing.

What We (Don't) Know About the Beginning of the Universe from Sean Carroll
My assigned topic was “What We Don’t Know About the Beginning of the Universe,” and I focused on the question of whether there could have been space and time even before the Big Bang. Short answer: sure there could have been, but we don’t actually know.
So what I did to fill my time was two things. First, I talked about different ways the universe could have existed before the Big Bang, classifying models into four possibilities (see Slide 7):

Bouncing (the universe collapses to a Big Crunch, then re-expands with a Big Bang)
Cyclic (a series of bounces and crunches, extending forever)
Hibernating ...

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