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Quasars Reveal Holes in Universe

18 Apr 2010, 16:46 UTC
Quasars Reveal Holes in Universe
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Closely related to Black Holes, quasars are the most distant and powerful objects yet observed in the Universe. The oldest quasars predate the galaxies from a time much closer to the Big Bang. Their power sources are supermassive Black Holes like those which later formed the centres of galaxies. The existence of giant Black Holes in the quasar era is another indicator that the speed of light has slowed over time.Time dilation is one of the most interesting results of Special Relativity. According to SR, distant events should appear to occur more slowly. The light curves of distant supernovae should appear to decay at a slower rate. To account for time dilation, a "stretch factor" is regularly added to calculations of supernova redshifts. If not for time dilation and the stretch factor, the evidence for an "accelerating" universe would be useless. Astronomer Mike Hawkins from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh has studied the light curves of 900 quasars. His surprising result is that they do not show time dilation at all. Quasars 6 billion light-years distant showed the same light signatures as those 10 billion light-years away. Though the more distant quasars showed a much higher redshift, there was no ...

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