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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Venus without the trees.

11 Jan 2017, 19:45 UTC
Venus without the trees.
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Old garden - a small gap amongst the trees (due south)In the front garden of our last home Venus was mostly hidden from view. Thanks to the nearby tall ash trees! Both Lucifer in the morning twilight, and Vesper in the evening were lost to me for the best part of fifteen years.Those lovely trees were the bane of my Venus observing between 2001 and 2016.We had owned a chainsaw for five of those years..!!I know they weren't my trees!.... but still....such restraint... ha ha.At our new home the light of Venus now shines directly through our kitchen window, not a tree* anywhere to spoil the show.Tonight's view of Venus from kitchen window.... No nearby trees!There are a few street lights to deal with, but the planets and Moon don't mind a bit of sodium light..... Plus all the streetlight go off at midnight. Last night I took the "Jason" refractor out for a quick peek at Vesper.All was not lost over this time, I did manage to put some observations in the astro logbook.Here are a couple of Venus observations from my planetary logPlus a few photographs taken under favourable conditions. (in other words, when not behind the ash ...

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