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Cumbrian Sky

Review: “Rogue One”

20 Dec 2016, 09:34 UTC
Review: “Rogue One”
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So, I finally went to see “Rogue One” last night, at the Brewery Arts Centre here in Kendal. I was, to be honest, scared stiff about seeing it. Would it be ruined (like films today so often are for me, because some selfish, ignorant *******s go to see films now, don’t they?) by a chatty chav talking through it behind me, or by someone scrunching and crunching their way through a huge bag of crisps or popcorn next to me? Would it be as good as all the reviews were saying it is?
Would it be as good as I wanted… as I needed… it to be?
Thankfully the answers to those questions were “No”, “Yes” and “Oh my god, yes”…
Rogue One is actually two different films. If you’re not “into” Star Wars, Rogue One is a brilliant action film in its own right, with likeable heroes, boo-hiss baddies, thrilling spaceship dogfights and lots of edge-of-the-seat suspense. It’s a modern day space age “Guns of Navarone” or “Dirty Dozen”.
But.. if you are into Star Wars – if you have beloved memories of watching the original films, and still have nightmares about sitting through the godawful “prequels”… if the ...

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