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Review: “Night Scenes 2017”

11 Dec 2016, 22:01 UTC
Review: “Night Scenes 2017”
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…and so we come to my final review of the guides to the night sky during the year ahead…

The guides and yearbooks I’ve reviewed so far have all been commercial, professionally-produced publications – glossy and lavishly-illustrated, and available in newsagents and/or bookshops. “Night Scenes” is very different. It’s an amateur-produced publication, written by astronomer, writer and Outreacher Paul Money, who many people will know from “Sky At Night” magazine (he is their reviews editor) and the astronomy society guest speaker and lecture circuit.
“Night Scenes” is, I don’t think he’ll mind me saying, a real labour of love for Paul, and reading it is like listening to one of his talks – there is so much crammed into it, so enthusiastically, it leaves you a little breathless! As you can see from the pic below, essentially it follows the same basic format as the other guides: each month has its own section, with an “all” sky chart showing the stars, constellations and planets, complemented by additional charts – Stellarium-generated with additional labelling – showing notable planetary conjunctions, eclipses, occultations and the paths of asteroids and comets. Unlike the other guides, tho, “Night Scenes” features monthly fold-out spreads…

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