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One Planet, One Climate, One culture.

9 Dec 2016, 08:52 UTC
One Planet, One Climate, One culture.
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One of my biggest pet peeves about sci-fi universe building is the lazy approach in building alien civilisations. We often see the trope showing one world, one climate, and one language. Given the variety that our planet has to offer under any aspect it is a shame that the same variety is lost in science fiction albeit on a planetary scale. Gallifrey should have Northern accents, Dagobah ice covered poles. It’s hard enough to find a nation with a single climate, let alone a planet!
Let’s look at Mars. Although the planet is a desert, there are seasons, thus periodical changes in its climate. The temperature varies from a cosy 35 degrees Celsius at the equator in summer to a chilling -143 degrees Celsius at the poles in winter. An important condition for rocky planets to develop life is through a regular seasonal cycle. Temperature gradients, winds, clouds and oceans were some of the discriminants for the success of life on Earth. The climate range for life to thrive is limited.
It is possible to keep a planet climate within a modest range, but as far as we have been able to model and observe, if you don’t care ...

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