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Telescopes Made Easy – The Ultimate List Of What to Buy

3 Dec 2016, 01:12 UTC
Telescopes Made Easy – The Ultimate List Of What to Buy
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Telescopes Made Easy – The Simple List Of What to Buy

Telescopes are tough to choose and confusing. There’s this type and that type. Big ones and small ones. Wooden ones. Plastic ones and telescopes made of metal. Telescopes with mirrors. Telescopes with lenses. Some long. Some short. Computerised, equatorial and manual. The list of different features, specifications and options goes on and on! Which one do you choose?
You can buy astronomy magazines. Read all the ads and research the internet. Ask around, seek advice and spend a lot of time deciding on the right telescope. Time-consuming and confusing for many!
Don’t worry, help is at hand.
This isn’t a guide to choosing telescopes, it’s a list! There are guides on this site, such as the Beginners/ family telescope guide. This article lists telescopes in a simple way. What they do and suitability for you!
The list will only cover beginner and intermediate telescopes.
More information can be found on each telescopes page.
Click on the links or images for more info. Images and descriptions credit: Amazon.co.uk
Telescope List
Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes

The best type of telescope for general visual observing.
Large apertures for less money – Larger ...

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