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Crayon planning and a side comment

29 Nov 2016, 16:01 UTC
Crayon planning and a side comment
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I had been wanting to get Estes Crayon rockets for the grandrocketeers and the latest Estes sale gave me the opportunity. I have to admit that I bought the bundle pack to give me a couple to play with. They don't need that many, do they? My ulterior motive was fueled by this post by RocketECoyote.Since they arrived (see previous post for da' photo), I have been pondering what to do with them, with finless and an upgrade to 29mm being the first two options. Unfortunately, the RTF guts will have to be dealt with. I went back to the post linked above and, when I read it again, I'm pretty sure he mostly used the stock tube without said guts.So, for a finless, I could cut off the fin can and replace it with BT-60 that is painted to match. This can could be re-used someday. For 29mm, I'd have to cut it off, modify it, and reattach it. I guess that's doable. At the moment I don't have any motivation.Five of the six rockets came in good condition. The wraps were slightly crinkled over the fin can but they are perfectly acceptable. The white one, however is a ...

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