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Book review: “Philip’s Essential Guide To Space”

28 Nov 2016, 13:44 UTC
Book review: “Philip’s Essential Guide To Space”
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Note: book does not come with sleeping cat.
At this time of year, hoping to grab a piece of the Christmas gift market, publishers are releasing books faster than Donald Trump can post paranoid nonsense on Twitter, and Philip’s is no exception. They have just released a new astronomy title, called rather grandly, “The Essential Guide To Space” (hereafter just going to be referred to as “The Guide” ok? I’m not typing out its full title every time!), written by science journalist and Society for Popular Astronomy stalwart Paul Sutherland. So, is it “essential”? And with soooo many astronomy books being published, is there enough new and different in it to make it “the perfect gift for Christmas” as they say in the ads nowadays?
Firstly, in the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I know the author. I work with Paul on the SPA Council and on the SPA Facebook page, etc, but this review is going to be neutral and honest, just as he’d want it to be. No point doing it otherwise!
Ok. So, The Guide is a good old fashioned “hefty” space book, heavy and very well made, the kind that sits comfortably on ...

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