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Carnival of Space #484

18 Nov 2016, 21:16 UTC
Carnival of Space #484
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The Carnival of Space may well be the only remaining ‘Carnival’ in the blogosphere today. It’s no surprise since we are all invested in things like investigating, exploring space and so on. Just as the settlers to the ‘New World’ (which became the United States of America) in their covered wagons, we gather around to help and support one another in a protective circle of friends and collaborators. Feeling all alone in the wilderness? Feel free to join us! Start your journey here and below.
New Theory of Gravity Does Away With Need for Dark Matter
Bob King | Universe Today
Let’s be honest. Dark matter’s a pain in the butt. Astronomers have gone to great lengths to explain why is must exist and exist in huge quantities, yet it remains hidden. Unknown. Emitting no visible energy yet apparently strong enough to keep galaxies in clusters from busting free like wild horses, it’s everywhere in vast…
Pluto Has a Subsurface ‘Antifreeze’ Ocean
Nancy Atkinson | Universe Today
The evidence keeps growing for a large subsurface ocean at Pluto, which also provides clues how the iconic ‘heart’ of Pluto was formed.
We reported in early October that thermal models of Pluto’s ...

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