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Studying the Higgs via Top Quark Couplings

11 Nov 2016, 20:35 UTC
Studying the Higgs via Top Quark Couplings
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Article: “Implications of CP-violating Top-Higgs Couplings at LHC and Higgs Factories”
Authors: Archil Kobakhidze, Ning Liu, Lei Wu, and Jason Yue
Reference: arXiv:1610.06676
It has been nearly five years since scientists at the LHC first observed a new particle that looked a whole lot like the highly sought after Higgs boson. In those five years, they have poked and prodded at every possible feature of that particle, trying to determine its identity once and for all. The conclusions? If this thing is an imposter, it’s doing an incredible job.
This new particle of ours really does seem to be the classic Standard Model Higgs. It is a neutral scalar, with a mass of about 125 GeV. All of its couplings with other SM particles are lying within uncertainty of their expected values, which is very important. You’ve maybe heard people say that the Higgs gives particles mass. This qualitative statement translates into an expectation that the Higgs coupling to a given particle is proportional to that particle’s mass. So probing the values of these couplings is a crucial task.
Figure 1: Figure 1: Best-fit results for the production signal strengths for the combination of ATLAS and CMS. Also shown for ...

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