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Away Note

9 Nov 2016, 17:50 UTC
Away Note
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I’ll be in London for a few days, attending a RAS workshop on “Fine-Tuning on the Cosmological and the Quantum Scales.” First time I’m speaking about the topic, so a little nervous about that.It just so happens that tomorrow evening there’s a public lecture in London by Roger Penrose which I might or might not attend, depending on whether my flight arrives as planned. Feeling somewhat bad because I haven’t read his recent book. Just judging by the title I’m afraid it might have some overlap with mine.This public lecture is arranged by the Ideas Roadshow, which I mentioned before. It’s run by Howard Burton, former director of PI. They have some teaser videos which you might enjoy:Speaking of former directors, I believe Neil Turok’s term at PI is about to run out and I want to complain that I haven’t yet heard rumors who’s in the pipe^^.As for this blog, please expect that comments might get stuck in the queue longer than usual.

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