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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Chasing Orion's stellar nursery.

2 Nov 2016, 10:07 UTC
Chasing Orion's stellar nursery.
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Wide awake 3.00 am... outside the stars were shining brightly.I didn't want to disturb Helen, so I tried to get back to sleep.... no chance! I couldn't see Orion through the low south facing window, but I knew he was there, hanging in the sky, just waiting for a chance to show off. I started thinking about the Orion nebula...Here's a sketch that I made of the nebula... almost 10 years ago...!Stellar Nursery M42 the Orion Nebula - 150mm Newtonian reflector. 2006In those ten years I have observed the nebula through various instruments, from 40mm refractors to an 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrain.This morning I would be able to observe with an even larger aperture.I've been waiting since June to unleash "Oscar" our 12 inch Newtonian onto this most wonderful of stellar nurseries.I lay in bed for maybe another ten minutes... I couldn't take it anymore, I had to go outside and start observing. Helen woke up about the same time, and was also eager to catch a glimpse of Orion's splendid star nursery.Oscar & MarkThis morning's seeing was between Antoniadi II and III... best conditions for a long while.Also the outside temperature was ideal for light clothing, and not a ...

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