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Weak Evidence

4 Apr 2010, 17:09 UTC
Weak Evidence
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Aloha and Happy Easter!The wondrous Kea pointed out this paper, which uses data mined from the Hubble Space Telescope COSMOS survey.Evidence for accelerated expansion of the universe from 3d weak lensing with COSMOS Graviational lensing is the bending of light by mass. Weak lensing is the warping of local Space/Time by the presence of mass concentrations, such as galaxy clusters. The distortions produced by weak lensing are extremely small, and must be measured statistically. This produces many opportunities for researchers to massage the data to fit their assumptions. The abstract admits that they are "Assuming a flat LCDM cosmology,..." This hypothetical universe is flat, like the Earth. It requires a repulsive "dark energy" to expand. Despite its many shortcomings, this consensus is promoted by a noisy minority in physics. The most telling quote begins on page 13:"We note that the lensing data alone cannot formally exclude a non-flat 0CDM cosmology. However, the cosmological parameters inferred for such a model would be inconsistent with various other cosmological probes. We therefore perform our analysis in the context of the well-established LCDM model, where the lensing data provide additional evidence of cosmic acceleration."After pages and pages of statistical analysis, the study can not ...

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