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A Volcano Erupts

2 Apr 2010, 03:05 UTC
A Volcano Erupts
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Mark Twain in 1866 hiked through Kilauea Crater and wrote about a lake of molten lava:"It was like gazing at the sun at noon-day, except that the glare was not quite so white. At unequal distances all around the shores of the lake were nearly white-hot chimneys or hollow drums of lava, four or five feet high, and up through them were bursting gorgeous sprays of lava-gouts and gem spangles, some white, some red and some golden--a ceaseless bombardment, and one that fascinated the eye with its unapproachable splendor." Until 2008 anyone could walk here, the crater floor. In the background is the smaller Halema'uma'u crater. Until recently one could eat lunch or spend the night at Volcano House on the rim of Kilauea Crater. Today no one is allowed on the crater floor, Volcano House is shut down, and Halema'uma'u Crater looks like this. The crater has again become a lava lake, and steam isues constantly. At night an orange glow is visible from Jaggar Museum.Former location of the Kalapana subdivision, now covered with miles of lava. In the background clouds ominously hover over Kilauea.Humans fear them, but volcanoes are not all fire and destruction. Their heat created the ...

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