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Duster Vids Requested for New PBS Documentary!

6 Oct 2016, 21:14 UTC
Duster Vids Requested for New PBS Documentary!
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Dear Stardust@home Volunteers,
A new documentary on citizen science called The Crowd & The Cloud is airing on public television early next year. For promotion purposes, a social media campaign will be launched soon to highlight a few of their favorite projects from the show, and they want to include Stardust@home! As part of the campaign, the documentary team is looking to have citizen scientists from across the country (US only – sorry!) participate in what they are calling “video selfies.” To participate, please film a 10 second video of yourself with your smartphone or other mobile device saying something along the lines of: “I’m [NAME] and I do citizen science with Stardust@home. I live in [TOWN/CITY] and my PBS station is [insert your local PBS station]!” Be sure to sound excited and express that you love citizen science! Here is an example video clip.
Please note that the documentary promoters are looking for as much diversity as possible in these clips, so if you represent a minority group, speak a different language at home other than English (which is okay for your video), live in a town off the beaten path, or stand out from the crowd in some ...

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