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Carnival of Space #477

30 Sep 2016, 18:09 UTC
Carnival of Space #477
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Presenting… The Carnival of Space!
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NASA Scientists Believe the Hubble has Detected Water Plumes Erupting from Europa
Mark Wittington | Blasting News
A group of #NASA scientists announced that 15 months worth of observations from the #Hubble Space Telescope might have detected water plumes erupting from beneath the ice crust of #Europa, a moon of Jupiter thought to contain a subsurface ocean. The ocean, scientists theorize, is…
Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Proposes Space Colonies in Response to Climate Change
Mark Wittington | Blasting News
#Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, was being interviewed on “This Week” on ABC when the question was put to him about #Climate Change, the theory that human use of fossil fuels in pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere is raising the temperature of the Earth. Johnson offered an unusual policy prescription for the problem, according to the Washington Examiner. He said “we do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is #Space exploration.”
Student Team at Cornell Creating a CubeSat With Water as Propellant to Orbit the Moon
Mark Wittington | Blasting News
A team of students at Cornell University is creating a ...

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