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A Babe in the Universe


30 Mar 2010, 02:59 UTC
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Captain's chair on bridge of Battleship USS Missouri.Missouri docked at her permanent home in Pearl Harbor, Oahu. On her decks the instrument of surrender was signed ending World War 2.An unforgettable view from the bridge windows towards the USS Arizona Memorial. To protect against bombs and torpedoes, Missouri is armoured in steel plate more than 30centimetres thick in places.The 16-inch gun turrets. Missouri and other Iowa-Class battleships carried 9 such giant rifles. They could each fire a 2700-pound shell 40 kilometres! Due to Earth's curvature a battleship can only fire as far as it can see, leaving the advantage to aeroplanes. For centuries ships with cannon dominated naval warfare. Isaac Newton saw warships armed with cannon. He saw that the faster a cannonball is fired, the farther it travels. Newton deduced that a projectile moving fast enough would "fall" around the Earth's curve, becoming a satellite. The farther a satellite orbits from Earth, the slower its velocity. Newton surmised that the Moon's orbit followed the same law of gravitation.If Newton were alive today he would see that particles of light (photons) appear to travel at the same velocity. He would also see evidence that Space/Time began at a tiny point, ...

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