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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

The Astronomy Shed

23 Sep 2016, 14:59 UTC
The Astronomy Shed
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Tal1 110mm reflector - Tasco 40mm refractorIf you want to make the most of your telescope, my advise would to be build yourself an observatory.Back in April of 2011 I was fortunate enough to be given what to many would be firewood, but to me it was the makings of a garden observatory.Originally the "firewood" had been a 7x5 foot garden shed, but due to age plus neglect the corners and part of the base had become moldy and rotten.Taking shapeLuckily I was able to salvage a fair amount of the wooden side panels, though the roof was completely past it.In all I had enough decent wood to make a 6x5 foot shed structure.The footings of the new shed comprised of driftwood that we found on nearby Newgale beach. The roof was another matter....It had to be as light as possible, as I wanted it to slide out of the way when observing the night sky.Looking betterAfter a bit of head scratching I decided to fit a tarpaulin over the roof framework that I had constructed.The total cost of the astronomy shed was a bag of nails and a dozen or so bolts.Even the tarpaulin was free, as we had ...

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