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Space Nuclear Power: Fission Reactors

Space Fission Power Post #0: Introduction

24 May 2012, 05:32 UTC
Space Fission Power Post #0: Introduction
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Space Fission Power: A Series of Blog Posts and ReferencesDavid Poston: spacenukes@gmail.comThe following series of blog posts and references intends to make the case that the US and/or other entities should be investing significantly in space fission power, and how best to establish the use of fission power in space. The first few posts are more philosophical in nature, and as such are more opinion and less fact, while the latter posts are based on historical and technical arguments. The meat of the content is in posts 6 and 7 (and the references referred to within), which detail the technologies that should be invested in now. While I am the leader of the space fission reactor team at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the opinions in these papers are mine alone. The papers, and especially the references, are largely a collection of work that I and others have done over the years; as such there are redundancy and transition issues between papers and themes. I have drawn upon the good work and ideas of many others in this text, but probably the two greatest contributors to this philosophy and content are Mike Houts and Lee Mason, and past/current members of the ...

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