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10 steps to surviving on sMars

20 Sep 2015, 00:17 UTC
10 steps to surviving on sMars
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I write a lot every single day through email to Mission Support, daily reports, research projects, and surveys. None of these are a blog. So, I’ve finally spent three weeks in the dome and I’ve come up with a definitive list of the top ten ways to survive in the dome.

Stay in Compliance

It’s good to keep the researchers happy. Keeping up with the daily surveys and research assignments is the easiest way to stay out of trouble and prevent extra emails from coming to your inbox.
Andrzej and Shey use an Oculus headset to perform one of our mission research tasks

Cook Tasty Foods

The only difference between cooking on Mars and Earth is that we have to rehydrate most of the ingredients before we use them. So far, we have had some pretty Earth-like creations: quesadillas, French toast, soup, PB&J sandwiches, quiche, quinoa salad, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, shepherd’s pie… very normal foods. We also started growing tasty yummy crunchy green things (veggies) that should be ready for harvest in a couple weeks. ‘Bob’ the sourdough starter provides us with a daily loaf of bread, and ‘Phil’ the cheese allows us to have fresh, non-rehydrated cheese. See ...

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