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Why Everyone Should Live in a Dome for a Year

28 Sep 2015, 06:40 UTC
Why Everyone Should Live in a Dome for a Year
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This is just cool because the A’aaaaahh is wicked sweet. Lava rock is pokey frolicking fun. As long as you don’t fall on it.
We are now one month into our year-long mission, but it’s already easy to see how different this year will be from our normal lives. Everyone always asks what we will miss the most, and that isn’t an easy answer. Whenever you travel, you’ll find you miss things from home, but you become accustomed to your surroundings and find that you enjoy what’s around you rather than pining for what isn’t. What I will miss the most is being with my family and friends…being able to go running in the crisp Montana air…seeing my nephew grow older and smarter every day. I don’t miss eating out in restaurants because most of us are fantastic cooks. I don’t miss driving in traffic (yes, Montana does have traffic sometimes) or having to choose what kind of toothpaste to buy at the store.
Instead I get to think about what kind of bread we want to make for the day, what research tasks we have, and what kind of exercise I want to do. This happens in the backcountry ...

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