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The Three B’s of Dome Privacy

26 Oct 2015, 01:11 UTC
The Three B’s of Dome Privacy
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Most of the time the dome is a bustling epicenter of voices, trotting footsteps, pots clanging, treadmill pounding, chairs rolling, and research buzzing. Only occasionally is it quiet, usually when everyone is sleeping or when four members are out on EVA. I’ve had never noticed how much noise some people make until we were locked in and you get to hear everything, I mean everything, that happens. Every conversation carries from downstairs into the bedrooms, footsteps on the stairs shake the entire building, even playing a card game becomes an entire dome experience. In some ways this is great as you always have someone to talk to, play a game, or watch a movie. Other times when you have read the same sentence three times or are actually trying to concentrate, it can be very distracting.
The SeaCan stores most of our food and also serves as a workshop
There are plenty of spaces in the dome that you can try to find solitude like the SeaCan or teleporter. The SeaCan offers a tiny bit of sound proofing but if anyone needs to do some construction or get food for a meal, you will be disturbed. The teleporter is the ...

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