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New day, new name, new issues

25 Aug 2016, 18:11 UTC
New day, new name, new issues
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Last night I decided on a name for the foam ekrano-glider: Chesapeake Sky Monster.I also decided on two 24mm mounts. I just wasn't feeling the joy for another large cluster and this will allow for the use of the legendary E9s. Two tubes were cut and are being plugged so the spent motors can hail down over the field.The solution to the deployment issue presented itself 50ms after I last hit 'post'. I'll fashion two supports that will hold the motor mount up when motors are loaded. When they eject, the mount will be pulled up.My latest worry is transferring all the thrust to the two tabs on the supports seen in the previous photo that I posted. I think this will be strong enough but, because they are at the centerline, I worry that any off-center thrust will wrench the motor mount apart. I started adding some extras supports with some high-tech tongue depressors. I really need to additional tabs further out from the centerline. I'm considering a thrust plate between the two motors which will also mate with the existing tabs.Foam, squishy balsa and popsicle sticks, what could go wrong?

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