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Carnival of Space #472

19 Aug 2016, 18:31 UTC
Carnival of Space #472
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Welcome to the Carnival of Space #472! If you are here for the first time, welcome and feast your eyes on articles from members of the Carnival below. If you are returning, thank you for coming back; we want to help you learn all that you can about the great mystery of space and explorers of space. If you’d like to be in the Carnival, by all means, visit this page (click to transport yourself there) and get what you need to do that as well as seeing the list of some of the other revelers.
After that, it’s On With the Show!
Why Haven’t We Found Any Aliens Yet?
Andrew Fain | Universe Today
After nearly 60 years of searching without success, a growing list of scientists believe life on Earth only came about because of a lucky series of evolutionary accidents, a long list of improbable events that just happened to come together at the right time and will never be…
Earth-Like Planet Around Proxima Centauri Discovered
Matt Williams | Universe Today
But in what may prove to be the most exciting find to date, the German weekly Der Spiegel announced recently that astronomers have discovered an Earth-like ...

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