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Farewell Philae — For Now

17 Aug 2016, 21:00 UTC
Farewell Philae — For Now
(200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post)

Poem below by Stuart Atkinson (@mars_stu on Twitter). Painting by Christine Rueter AKA Tychogirl (paper, printing ink). This collaborative poem/art project has been simultaneously published at Stuart’s blog: astropoetry.wordpress.com.
Beneath sheets of sparkling frost,
Lost Philae sleeps now, and will doze
Until, one day, who knows when,
Men and women from Earth,
Their boots crusted with clods of soot-black comet
Dust and snow will crump slowly across
67P’s frozen plains and see it –
A glint of gold in a shadow,
High up on acrumbling cliff’s side,
Shining like a wolf’s eye.
And then the Fellowship of Philae
Will hike up Seths serrated cliffs
Until, high above Hapi’s sands
They’ll reach out with shaking hands
And drag it from its icy tomb
Into the light, setting it upright again,
Brushing years of ice and dust
From its face before taking it
To its final resting place – a glass case
At ESOC, spotlights warming it,
Thawing a century of frostbite…
But for now, Philae sleeps,
Without Rosetta’s alarm clock beep-beep-beep
Interrupting its dreams
Of what might have been,
If only those hapless harpoons had fired…
If only it hadn’t bounced like a rubber ball…
If only it hadn’t fallen ...

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