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"Broadens Understanding of Science"

17 Mar 2010, 19:47 UTC
"Broadens Understanding of Science"
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Aloha and three cheers for colleague Yves-Henri Sanejouand! His tireles work has found multiple signs that the speed of light is slowing down, as GM=tc^3 predicts. His latest paper thanks someone named Riofrio for useful comments. Sanejouand's work is starting to get press attention.From Optonics and Photonics Focus, February 18 2010:Is Light slowing Down? The speed of light is a universal constant — or is it? Some evidence seems to suggest it might actually be slowing down. Will we soon have to revise our cosmological beliefs?If light were slowing down, we would have to revise many of our astronomical beliefs: from the age of the Universe to the distances between galaxies, from the dark matter to the definition of many physical constants. What a tremendous set of implications! Some evidence that this might indeed be the case starts piling up, as recently reported by Yves-Henri Sanejouand from the University of Nantes in France.From Vertical News:Research from Y.H. Sanejouand et al broadens understanding of science 2010 JAN 26 - (VerticalNews.com) -- According to a study from France, "Possible empirical evidences in favor of the hypothesis that the speed of light decreases by a few centimeters per second each year are examined. ...

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