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Bacteria Could Aid Search for Creatures On Other Planets

8 Aug 2016, 04:00 UTC
Bacteria Could Aid Search for Creatures On Other Planets
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Massive composite stromatolites from Carbla Province.Photo: Erica Suosaari
Could there be a way to find bacterial structures on another planet? And if so, how important might these bacteria be in making a planet life-friendly? These are some of the questions that could be answered through studies on stromatolites, which are mounds of calcium-carbonate rock that are built up through lime-secreting cyanobacteria (bacteria that use photosynthesis for energy).
The research into the life-giving potential of these “living fossils” is based on small microbes in Australia, but the results could help us identify fossil evidence of life on other planets, in particular Mars, said Erica Suosaari, a science fellow for Bush Heritage Australia, a non-profit conservation and land management organization. Suosaari is based at Hamelin Station Reserve, Western Australia, a 500,000 acre property that borders one of the world’s most diverse and abundant examples of marine stromatolites, the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve.
“Looking for evidence of life in the rocks is like finding a needle in the haystack,” wrote Suosaari in an e-mail. “If stromatolites have definitive bio-signatures — such as self organized morphologies that are indicative of life processes — then it may be possible to look for that ‘signature’ ...

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