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Public Cosmic Void Catalog

a guide to filtering the catalog

18 Jul 2016, 16:24 UTC
a guide to filtering the catalog
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We have developed a philosophy about this void catalog in which we attempt to report as many voids as possible and let you, the user, apply cuts and filters as you see appropriate. We have a set of filters that we apply for our own analysis, and for historical reasons this has become the "default" catalog. We also provide the full unfiltered catalog (except for a hard minimum size cut, to be discussed below) so you can create your own version of the catalog. Some cuts you may consider applying:- Size: We only provide voids with effective radii greater than the mean particle separation. However, the smallest voids are likely highly unreliable. Thus, you may want to only take voids with two times the minimum radius. You can find the radius in the "centers_" files.- Minimum density: The watershed algorithm reports all basins, even if they have densities higher than you may like. You can, for example, only take voids with minimum Voronoi cell density < 0.2 or 0.3 times the mean density (as in Nadathur et al. 2013). Since minimum density scales inversely with void size, this also effectively removes most small voids. However, this quantity is very noisy, ...

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