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How To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower

11 Aug 2016, 11:19 UTC
How To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower
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How to Watch and Observe Meteors

One of the good things about meteors is that you don’t need any equipment-just your eyes and a bit of patience. Even in a so-called ’meteor shower’, it is rare to get more than one meteor a minute; don’t be surprised if you see nothing for five or ten minutes, then two meteors in a row.
The key to watching meteors; is to be comfortable and keep your gaze on the sky!
Find an area outside which has a wide view of the sky and away from bright lights. You want your view of the sky to be as light-free as possible to improve your chances of seeing more meteors. Also allow a few minutes for your eyes to adapt to the dark; you will then be able to see the fainter meteors which are more common.
The key to watching meteors is being comfortable and keeping your gaze on the sky. Dress warmly, because in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning, it can be quite cold. Lie on the ground on a rug, with a sleeping bag or blanket, or sit on a reclining garden chair so you ...

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